Photographs make our records of significant events last by storing them in printed copies of these moments. Someday when the time comes, people who shared these events together can all gather to reminisce how such celebrations made their lives unforgettable. Most often than not, event organizers hire photographers to take note of these candid moments and get them printed. Nowadays, however, photos captured by photographers don’t make up for this new age of selfies and Smartphone photography. Read on and find out how photo booths can become great additions to your party. Click here for more ideas on photo booths in Melbourne.

Photographers: the good and the bad Because photographers have been specially trained in the art and science of photography, they are more capable of capturing the candid moments that happen within any event. Whether corporate or just a simple private gathering, photographers have the advantage of moving around and looking for great shots that would be perfect for an event portfolio. Services offered by photographers, however, are often expensive. Not only are you paying them for their expertise, you’re also paying for all the expensive equipment they need to set up. In this case, a corporate photo booth hire may be a good idea.
Photo Booths: the good and the bad
The main advantage of photo booths over portrait photographers is that they give the guests greater control about the poses they want. Most, if not all, photo booth rentals are already inclusive of props and costumes that guests can wear atop their personal attires. Whether the event is a themed or a corporate one, a photo booth can never be too inappropriate. You can find an affordable corporate photo booth hire almost everywhere today. They have become more accessible, and much cheaper as compared before. Lastly, photos taken can already be taken home the same night they are shot with a photo booth.
Photo booths Vs portrait photographers: the final say
Needless to say, photographs have made our lifelong records of special events extraordinary by providing a way to document them. Regardless of your choice whether you’d choose a portrait photographer, otherwise, or choose both of them, it all comes down to your personal preference. Photographers are perfect for some events, but you can always count on a photo booth to provide a great source of entertainment to your guests, and give life to the party at the same time. Both have their own pros and cons, and weighing as to what you will choose boils down to how you want your party to turn out.