So many real estate companies are now shifting towards drone photography in Sydney as a way of marketing their products. However, let it not escape the knowledge of any potential user of this new technology that this flying object is subject to so much restriction from the relevant authority, and that unless one gets permission from the Federal Aviation Administration, he or she might not be able to use his or her drone.

It was clearly stated by FAA seven years ago that one is not allowed to use a drone without permission from the relevant authorities.A photographer from the University of Virginia parted with a very huge fine last year after being accused by the FAA for flying drones for commercial purposes. The court, however, threw out the case since the authority of the FAA to issue punishment to the breakers of this law was not certain. This should, however, not be a reason for carelessness, caution is still very important, for those who operate drones for commercial purposes. 

FAA has gotten down to work in trying to come up with rules that concern the operation of drones, and is set to have the final laws by the dawn of next year. It is for this reason that it has sent representatives to various parts of the country, just to ensure it comes up with restrictions needed to guarantee national security and guarding the privacy of its own citizens. As that waits to happen, no one should use drones for real estate marketing.

Restrictions on the use of drones for commercial reasons, such as drone aerial photography real estate, have attracted different arguments. Some individuals think it is a good idea while others feel it is uncalled for and it will end up doing more harm than good to the people.

One of the drone users was once heard arguing that it makes no sense for the authorities to restrict or control the use of drones among the individual citizens yet the government has killer drones flying all over, ready to injure and kill innocent souls. The government should first remove all the dangerous drones hanging in the atmosphere before it can even start thinking of regulating how the civilians use their own drones.

However, it would be wise if audience could also be given to those supporting the idea of restriction. One would argue that uncontrolled number of drones flying all over the air is a ticking time bomb. A drone could easily be hit by an oncoming plane and this could possibly lead to a plane crash. A small drone could also get into the engine of a plane and make it crash. A case has also been reported of a man having been killed by his own drone.

Three main important reasons will demand that one uses drones in the real estate business. First, drones make aerial photography more affordable. It is no longer needful to hire a helicopter which has always been known to be very expensive.Secondly, sellers will soon demand for drone services i.e. to taking a drone video and photograph. Furthermore, drones are flying cameras.