Photography with a wedding theme is the highest paid kind of photography. One of the reasons for this is that the wedding cannot be staged. Whatever happens at that moment happens, no turning back. So people who hire them have high expectations that they have captured all the necessary pictures.
People must realize that they need to hire an expert for their wedding photography needs. It is very easy to just grab someone and give them a digital camera and shoot away. But if you are aiming to have your most precious lifetime event documented properly, hiring a professional would be the best way to go.

What to expect
Wedding photography is an art by itself. People who have learned the different techniques and ways to capture a special moment would need a lot of time directing people what they want the photos to be like. There are also some who can just shoot their way without asking people to pose a certain way. There are photographers who would want to have more time with the couple before the wedding. There are people who do not want to be rushed in doing their art so expect to take aside some time for them. There will be times when they would consult about things you do not like and things you like to see on your wedding album. This is a good sign that they are really paying attention in what you want to have. They do want to have your best photos on the record as much as you do; sometimes they would want it more than you do because that will help their business to grow. If they do well in one wedding, they can be recommended and that is the oldest trick in the book of advertisement.
Why pay that much
One of the things is that remember that you are paying for the experience. The reason why new photographers can offer their service cheap is because they are still building up a portfolio. They may be good in capturing good landscapes and flowers, but they would make a lot of mistakes and this will take a toll on your wedding photos. Expensive photographers have established an array of different equipment that makes the photographs more dramatic and vivid. They work full time as photographers. If one is working as a full time photographer, one does not have any other thing to do but to focus on the craft and learn all the things especially new things about photography. This is the reason why people will spend that much in hiring an expensive photographer.